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                                   HOW TO PLAY

  1. Add your opponent as a friend on Call of Duty using their Activision.
  2. Party up with your opponent. The host should invite the non-host.
  3. Set the Squad Fill mode to No Fill
  4. Start a BR match. Use if Trios is enabled, use that. Otherwise, use Quads.
Tournament starts

Thu, Apr 30 2020

12:00 PM



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PlayStation 4/5

Game Settings: Unless otherwise specified, the following settings must be used.

How To Play

You and your opponent will join the same Battle Royale game as a team and compete to score the most kills. 1v1 matches must be played in the BR Trios mode if it is available. If it is not, use the BR Quads mode. The player with the most kills at the end of the game wins.

Make sure to set the fill mode to “No fill” when you start the game. You and your opponent should be the only players on your squad.

Interference & Obstruction: You are not allowed to intentionally interfere with your opponent's attempts to move around the map or secure kills.

Kills While Downed: All kills count.

Gulag Revives: Reviving by winning a 1v1 in the Gulag is allowed. Play accordingly.

Kill Stealing: Kill-stealing is not against the rules. You and your opponent may work together to secure kills. "Stealing" kills is allowed and is part of the competitive nature of the match.

Tiebreaker: The player with more damage wins. If you and your opponent are tied in kills at the end of the game but you have more damage, add one kill to your score when you report it.

Lag/Settings: After getting on the plane, any complaints about lag or pre-game settings will not be taken into consideration. No exceptions.

Disconnections: If a player disconnects in the pre-game warm-up, the game must be replayed. If you disconnect during game play, it is treated like a death. Your score is equal to the number of kills you had when you disconnected. Your opponent can continue to play even after you have disconnected from the match.

300 BTP

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