GOAT FUT Online Championship

About This Tournament

BitSport brings you the very best of it's GOAT champ series, only for the Best of the Best. This tournament would feature:

  • 10 Groups
  • 10 Winners 
  • Winners would qualify directly to the BitSport Global Champ Serie in Beijing.
Tournament starts

Mon, Jul 01 2019

12:00 PM



Player registration is allowed


PlayStation 4 and Xbox

PS: Please ensure to follow strictly with the tournament rules, failure to do so will automatically result in a disqualification.

General Guidelines

To participate in the BitSport GOAT Championship you would need to signup for a BitSport account

1. This tournament is for the PlayStation & Xbox consoles.

2. Participants must be checked in 30 mins before the play time.
3. participants with higher bandwidth should volunteer to host, which means they would be the default stream host (hosts are incentivized with 3 BTP for every match they stream) .

Game Settings
 Players are required to check if the settings are in order as below:

Game Type: FUT - Friendly Season
Half Length: 6 minutes
Controls: Any
Game Speed: Normal
Custom Formations: Allowed

Result Reporting: Curators

Results and scores are updated by curators in real-time.

No warmups or practice games are permitted once participants are checked-in.

USD Prize Pool: $10,000

BTP Prize Pool: 30,000 BTP

FIFA Points Pool: 50,000

<p>Schedue would be available after the tournament begins</p>

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There's no participants joined yet.
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Registration Closed

Registration to this tournament is closed. Please ask tournament organizer for details.