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Meet OzillaFiFA, arguably the most skillful FIFA player in the world - recognized by EA Sports. Ozilla’s talent in the FIFA game is exceptional and his style and tactics of playing are so entertaining and satisfying to watch that he makes most of his opponents look amateur in the game.

OzillaFiFA is always ready to win p2p challenges, outshine on leaderboards and conquer opponents via Insta-Duel & FIFA Tournaments.

OzillaFiFA is not just a gamer, he is also a gaming influencer with over 2 Million gaming audience on his social networks. He has been featured on the official EA Sports Twitter multiple times.

The Premium OzillaFiFA NFT IGO card is a unique and rare collection of 500 supercharged rewards / dividends backed NFTs with a 10% DPG (Dividends Per Game) to be shared amongst wallets holding them. 

Holding this card also gives access to participate in the “All expense paid Dubai trip to BitSport’s gaming lounge” Raffle Draw and also an access to meet OzillaFiFA in person amidst other benefits. 

Now we have reasons to hold NFTs!!!

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